Computer Facilities & Wireless Internet

The Technion has computer labs (“computer farms”) in a variety of locations all over campus – including the dormitories and the faculties.

Additionally, the Technion has WIFI internet coverage throughout the campus, though it is not allowed for students to set up their own WIFI hubs in the dorms.

WIFI for students is provided in all the faculties.

In the Canada dorms, All the rooms and Makak center are installed Wireless Internet .


Technion Email​

It is important for every student to have a Technion email account. You will receive many important emails at your Technion email address.

Go to To log in, enter your student ID number and your secret code. Then click on “open new account.”

About 10 minutes after you successfully choose your username, you can check your Technion email online at To log in, you will need to change the server from “techunix” to “t2”.

Another option, however, is to add your Technion email to your current email, such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo (among others). Search for settings called “POP” or “Other Mail.” After all of that is done, please go to and fill out the form. ​

EVERY TECHNION STUDENT IS REQUIRED TO CHECK THEIR TECHNION EMAIL AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY. This means that if professors, TAs and the ISE staff send important information more than 24 hours in advance, it is expected that you have received the information. This is very important!

You can for the most part ignore emails that are entirely in Hebrew.